sasha pichushkin.

The beautiful works of Russian abstract painter, Sasha Pichushkin


yield design co.

I recently came across the work of Yield Design Co - adore these Geo Stands solid brass paperweights; definitely going to have to order some [it's no wonder they are currently on backorder!]; if you sign up to the Yield mailing list there is a 10% off-your-first-order gift.

Also interesting to read that Rachel Gant, one of the two behind the company also has a background in architecture. I love how more and more design practices are becoming multidisciplinary.


nina mair.

Loving the fine lines and materiality of these brass and steel stools by Austrian architecture and design studio Nina Mair.

ps. more posts to come re: the Dulux Study Tour when I get a free moment!



Quite a few snaps of the Biennale of Sydney  [what an amazing city we live in! Cockatoo Island was probably my favourite, given I hadn't been there before]. I was also joined by Miss Ella who came and stayed for a weekend of art-filled fun [she has a nice blog post here with more snaps]. 

This iteration of Lately also includes quite a lot of crafting photos - I have been spending quite a bit of time making my copper and brass V necklaces, for the people of instagram. If you too would like one, feel free to email me. I have also been prototyping a luggage tag to take with me on my travels (3 sleeps! exciting!). 
If anyone has any San Francisco, or New York (the only spot I will have a free day on the Study Tour) Tips - I would be much appreciative!

All photos from my Instagram account. 


dulux study tour.

I have been meaning to add a little post about what I will be up to come the 10th of May - you may have read over on Instagram that I was very fortunately awarded a position on the 2014 Dulux Study Tour

This means come Saturday, I am jetting off to first Chicago, popping in to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's building Falling Water, then driving through to New York (eee!). I've also planned a little stop in San Francisco on my way home. 

I bought a fancy camera last weekend - so I am intending on posting photos of what I find along the way, however in the mean time feel free to follow me over on instagram, as I am sure I will be on an uploading frenzy - @jenna_rowe.


monday mix_seventeen.

1| Never Gonna Change_Broods [Lone Remix]
2| Hey Now_London Grammar [Bonobo Mix]
3| I Miss You_Taku
4| Soothe This Pain_Asgeir
5| Sensibility_Elizabeth Rose [Tokimonsta Remix]
6| Sights_London Grammar [Tourist Remix]
7| First Fires_Bonobo [Maya Jane Coles Remix]
8| Cocaine Model_ZHU
9| Ukiyo_Hermitude
10| Dreaming Of The Sea_Furns 

Listen here.

Oopsies I've been a bit AWOL of late - some exciting things are brewing - more on that in a separate post. This iteration of my Monday Mixes includes some great remixes of current faves - particularly the Lone remix of BROODS, my ultimate fave Bonobo remixing London Grammar, Tokimonsta remixing Elizabeth Rose - all very excellent. And I particularly love ZHU's rhyming of 'Isabel Marant' in the song Cocaine Model.




Today marks my 25th Birthday, and my second birthday spent in Sydney. I love birthdays. 2014 is shaping up to be a super exciting year for me, I have dubbed it the year of Jenna. I've so far been presented with some pretty exciting opportunities, some of which I cannot wait to share given I have been sworn to secrecy. 

Speaking of 'secrets', my housemates are planning a surprise birthday party for me tonight [not quite sure why we are still calling it the surprise party given I saw the facebook event with the event picture as a giant image of my face on it left on the ipad on the sofa 2 weeks ago], then a catch up with my uni crew who have also migrated to Sydney tomorrow night - and then I am looking forward to celebrating with all of my Hobart friends and family next weekend upon a short visit home.

Is this when I am supposed to launch into a quarterlife crisis? I already have the same haircut that I had when I was 5, so I think I'll survive it.